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Fall 2015 Version of Cloud Contact Center Update is Here
InContact has established the core technology components of a complete cloud customer interaction platform and is redefining the comprehensive cloud solution for the contact center marketplace.

Contact Center Study Highlights Points to Consider
Contact center leaders recognize that their centers play an integral role throughout the customer's journey, but less than a quarter of contact center leaders believe that their organization provides a consistent customer experience.

Leading Cloud Contact Center Provider Wins Again
A new inContact customer will implement a full spectrum of solutions, customized for a complicated system of more than 140 integrated satellite offices connected to a primary contact center.

Leading Call Center Provider Aiming Higher
InContact reportedly has big things planned for the year ahead.

McKenna v. WhisperText, Citing TCPA, Ends in Dismissal
The U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif. has struck down a lawsuit with prejudice and issued a ruling in favor of the defendant, WhisperText in an alleged TCPA violation case.

Once They Answer, Stay in Compliance
There are some important questions all call center managers should ask themselves in order to stay in 'legal compliance'.

'Hello' Now Taking on Different Forms
Call center agents are learning how to deliver quality interactions first, then 'up' the quantity by handling more concurrent contacts.

Solveforce, InContact Pushing the Needle Higher
Agent version 3.0 is built on the Salesforce OpenCTI toolkit and is a native Salesforce application, designed to make deployment simple and effortless.

Real-Time Reporting Engine for Contact Centers Debuts
In most cases, contact center information can span various departments and staff members. While there is a great deal of information available, if it is not accessible when needed, it is pretty much useless.

A Breakdown of New TCPA Regulations
The TCPA was enacted in 1991 but has received a lot of attention lately because of recent Federal Communications Commission actions that heighten its powers.

IVR, ACD Offerings Make a Difference for BPOs
InContact's Automatic Call Distributor and Interactive Voice Response system supports inbound, outbound and blended voice as well as email, chat, SMS, social media and CRM work items.

Dialers Cited as a Possible Aid to Phone Scammers: FTC
The days of live outbound phone calls interrupting Americans at dinner seem almost quaint compared to the scourge of unwanted robocalls on land lines and cell phones.

US District Court Spares Gentlemen's Club a TCPA Fine for Calling
In the world of the TCPA, the legislation that governs telemarketing in the United States, there has been a great deal of confusion over what qualifies as an automated outbound call, or an autodialed call.

But We're Not Telemarketers: Why 'Non-Sellers' Are Still At Risk for TCPA Violations
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, is a decades-old piece of legislation that governs outbound telemarketing and other communications, such as automated outbound calls. It pays to pay attention to it.

Dialing Software Still Holds a Prominent Place
A recent online post suggested that there are still opportunities to be realized through outbound dialing efforts.

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If you're looking for proof that not all on-demand call center technology is created equal, consider the experience of outsourced customer support service Frontline Call Center.

Dialer Software - NEW TALK

As a leading pre-paid landline telephone service provider, New Talk provides a vital service to customers with less than perfect credit or those who prefer not to divulge their personal identification data just to get a phone.


Dialer Software inContact Dialer

inContact Dialer
The inContact Dialer combines state-of-the art inbound contact handling with full-featured campaign-based outbound dialing to maximize agent productivity.

Dialer Software inContact Platform 2.0

inContact Platform 2.0
Our award-winning call center software platform improves agent performance, reduces operational expenditure and increases profitability.


Dialer Software - Improving Collections: Efforts with Innovative Cloud Contact Center Technology

Improving Collections: Efforts with Innovative Cloud Contact Center Technology
Technology has helped improve outbound calling's collections efforts over the years, but at the same time a great deal of complexity has impacted the collections process.

Dialer Software - Outbound Calling: Superior Productivity & Customer Experience Unite Creating

Outbound Calling: Superior Productivity & Customer Experience Unite Creating
Today there's an unstoppable trend in motion. It's a shift of power from companies to customers. And it's accelerating. Technology may be the greatest enabler of this shift. Like Moore's Law, the shift is exponential.

Dialer Software Being Proactive and Generating Results

Being Proactive and Generating Results
Customers share a great deal about themselves through their interactions with companies. Whether they show interest in a product on a company's website or ask for help with a problem they may be encountering during checkout, such cross-channel interactions provide a goldmine of data.

Dialer Software Don't Let Outdated Telephony
Hardware Slow You Down

Don't Let Outdated Telephony Hardware Slow You Down
While contact center leaders are proficient in managing the complexities of agent-based centers in order to provide excellent customer support, the world of telecommunications, telephony hardware, and long distance service providers can be foreign, confusing and distracting.


The Next Revolution: Cloud Computing

The Next Revolution: Cloud Computing
It's never been a better time to have your head in the clouds-cloud-based software, that is. Call centers throughout the nation are increasingly turning to cloudbased call center solutions.