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inContact's New Offerings Appeal to Healthcare Call Center
A health services company is set to implement inContact's core contact center platform featuring an integrated Interactive Voice Response and Automatic Call Distributor system.

Once a Client Picks Up, Then What?
Dialing can only go so far. A properly prepared employee is your best investment.

Better Dialing Options Lead Health Company to inContact's Cloud
The complete inContact solution includes cloud ACD and IVR, CRM integration, Uptivity Quality Monitoring and network connectivity.

More Choices Make Cloud Connection a Viable Option
A leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with a number of retail clients has decided the time is right to move its business to the cloud.

Data Gathered in Call Centers has Real Value
Quality reporting is a constant struggle and beneficial, reliable reporting that contact centers can use to drive business decisions is rare, but worth it.

Contact Center Callers are a Fickle Bunch: Finding
Cloud call center leader inContact has released the results of its new research detailing what customers experience when interact with a contact center, and the findings are quite revealing.

Call Center Dialing? That's so 2014
If customers can't get an instant connection with you or your company, they have no compunction about jumping ship.

Manage Your People, Manage Your Success
It can be generally agreed upon that raising the quality of a call center business and its dealings with clients can benefit everyone.

Hello? Callers Expect Top Service, or They're Gone
Survey says consumers expect a personalized, omni-channel customer journey that includes agent service continuity and choice of channels for follow-up communications.

Vacation-Planning Calls Just got Easier
inContact says a leading travel and hospitality provider has selected its cloud platform to unify customer service operations across more than five contact centers.

Trade Group for Call Centers Announces Member Renewals
Cloud contact center software leader inContact has just renewed its commitment to an important trade organization, as a continuing sign of its commitment to the industry and a willingness to help others.

Marketing Firm Sees Bright Spots in inContact's Offering
A cloud solution is expected to help one company achieve new heights through its call center.

'Dialing' No Longer the Only Option for Call Centers
As technology has raced forward, so have the choices that call center customers now expect as a matter of course.

Dial or Digital? Latter Option is Gaining Traction
A new survey shows nearly 60 percent of call center organizations implementing customer experience initiatives on a cross-departmental basis, making it a massive priority.

Call Centers Face Big Changes in the Near Future
Changes in technology are bringing about a massive shift in the way that consumers reach out to contact centers.

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If you're looking for proof that not all on-demand call center technology is created equal, consider the experience of outsourced customer support service Frontline Call Center.

Dialer Software - NEW TALK

As a leading pre-paid landline telephone service provider, New Talk provides a vital service to customers with less than perfect credit or those who prefer not to divulge their personal identification data just to get a phone.


Dialer Software inContact Dialer

inContact Dialer
The inContact Dialer combines state-of-the art inbound contact handling with full-featured campaign-based outbound dialing to maximize agent productivity.

Dialer Software inContact Platform 2.0

inContact Platform 2.0
Our award-winning call center software platform improves agent performance, reduces operational expenditure and increases profitability.


Dialer Software - Improving Collections: Efforts with Innovative Cloud Contact Center Technology

Improving Collections: Efforts with Innovative Cloud Contact Center Technology
Technology has helped improve outbound calling's collections efforts over the years, but at the same time a great deal of complexity has impacted the collections process.

Dialer Software - Outbound Calling: Superior Productivity & Customer Experience Unite Creating

Outbound Calling: Superior Productivity & Customer Experience Unite Creating
Today there's an unstoppable trend in motion. It's a shift of power from companies to customers. And it's accelerating. Technology may be the greatest enabler of this shift. Like Moore's Law, the shift is exponential.

Dialer Software Being Proactive and Generating Results

Being Proactive and Generating Results
Customers share a great deal about themselves through their interactions with companies. Whether they show interest in a product on a company's website or ask for help with a problem they may be encountering during checkout, such cross-channel interactions provide a goldmine of data.

Dialer Software Don't Let Outdated Telephony
Hardware Slow You Down

Don't Let Outdated Telephony Hardware Slow You Down
While contact center leaders are proficient in managing the complexities of agent-based centers in order to provide excellent customer support, the world of telecommunications, telephony hardware, and long distance service providers can be foreign, confusing and distracting.


The Next Revolution: Cloud Computing

The Next Revolution: Cloud Computing
It's never been a better time to have your head in the clouds-cloud-based software, that is. Call centers throughout the nation are increasingly turning to cloudbased call center solutions.