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Student Loan Groups Want to Alter TCPA to Allow Wireless Robocalling
Although it was first enacted in 1991, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has been the cause of many litigation headaches in recent months, in part due to new TCPA regulations introduced by the FCC.

Callers to Health Company Will See Plethora of Choices
A new customer will utilize inContact's cloud-based contact center platform to provide easy service to consumers through a mixed network of both contact center and at-home agents.

'Dialers' May Start Reaching Out to Celll Phones: Study
During this Presidential election year, organizations of every stripe will be carrying out survey after survey to determine the status of each candidate. Your cellphone may be called.

Basic Need: People Want to Speak to a 'Human'
Despite all the tech-talk, findings show customers like using the telephone to reach a business.

Are You Getting the Most from Your Contact Center?
Academic research has found that the candidate's perception of the hiring process has a direct impact on his or her overall satisfaction with the company.

Are You Doing All You Can for Customers?
Many of the issues that contact center agents are asked to resolve are out of their control. They must rely on other departments to help make things right.

'Personal Dialing' Offering Helps Prevent Call Disconnects
At this pace of innovation and development, inContact will continue to expand market share and net key competitive wins.

No More Dialing? App Set To Connect to Contact Center
A new kind of standalone messaging app creates a direct, secure line of communication between businesses and their customers.

New Report Sees Latin America Call Center Growth
A recently released study has a trove of solid information for decision makers, noting that "Contact center analytics, workforce management and quality monitoring applications are gradually capturing companies' attention," especially in Latin America.

How Do Customers Feel When They Call In?
Contact centers have a ways to go to get customers back on their side.

Is Your Customer Experience All it can Be?
A survey that found some 54 percent of consumers would be willing to spend more if it meant getting better customer service.

Calibration Helps with Synchronization
Calibrations ensure fairness for your internal staff, from a strategy perspective, and help deliver a consistent customer experience.

InContact, Empirix Joining to be Better Heard
InContact turned to Empirix for its expertise in network performance monitoring and reporting. The result is better call-sound quality.

Dialing Up the Cloud is Growing as an Option
The hosted/cloud model, when it includes best-of-breed and full-suite interactive voice response (IVR), is showing surprising strength.

InContact's Dialing Ease Primed to Help Customer
InContact's best-in-class ACD will allow a new customer to scale its business easily by providing skills and proficiency-based routing for both inbound and outbound interactions.

Pick Up on Line 2? One Manufacturer is Ready
Columbia Sportswear improved their customer service operations with inContact Cloud Solutions. Read how they did it.

Making the Right Call for Customers' Benefit
Customers usually call when they're unhappy about something, and their conversation with the agent can either leave them feeling like they just spoke with someone who really cared, or feeling like they're done with that company altogether.

Prospective Sales Leads Matter, but In-House Leads Matter More
On average, marketers may only try to reach each of their contacts about two or three times but that it could take as many as 10 attempts to make one's voice heard.

Speak Softly, Profit Nicely: Survey
A new report says customers are more forgiving when companies generally provide good service over the phone.

Challenge: Finding Outbound Dialing Agents with the Strongest Skills
Once upon a time, in the days of "boiler room" call centers, it was a joke that the ideal candidate would have a pulse and know how to use the telephone. That's no longer the case.

Calling Industry Set for Upswing
Contact centers have experienced an extensive evolution overall, over the last decade.

'Best Practices' in Cloud Call Center Noted
InContact recently outscored its two nearest competitors with scores of 9 in both the Customer Impact and Business Impact categories.

Each Call Has Its Own Value
Data analytics is playing an increasingly important role in the contact center.

Federal Appeals Court Decision Brings More TCPA Litigation Headaches
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) continues to be a source of confusion and ongoing litigation when it comes to whether a system is considered an auto dialer and therefore subject to TCPA regulations.

Answering the Call with Upgraded Technology
There's a healthy market that's little known outside of the call center space, but is nonetheless primed for some big expansion. It's the global contact center and office (CC&O) headset market.

InContact Helps Ease Call Center Woes at Growing Company
InContact's integrated IVR system offers customers self-service options while ensuring their needs are addressed by the most skilled and appropriate agents.

Once the Call Goes Through, Then What?
In this increasingly complex world, businesses everywhere are seeking whatever edge they can get over the competition.

TCPA Snags Another Alleged Errant Dialer
While any number of shady companies have been prosecuted - when they can be found - by the 20-year-old Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for illegal telemarketing practices, the legislation is increasingly being used against prominent consumer companies in the U.S.

Call Analysis Can Reap Big Dividends
When monitoring contact center costs, it's worth the time to cut expenses wherever you can.

Communicating Properly with Customers is Critical
Omnichannel connects the dots between each available channel. In addition, it also explains the simultaneous use of two or more channels.

Call Center Takes a Unique Hiring Approach
StatesideBPO's U.S.-based call center agents are Americans with disabilities, U.S. Veterans, and U.S. Veterans with disabilities, all working hard and dispersed across 40 states.

'Who's Calling?' InContact, with Good News
The 2015 Mojo Award winners were recently recognized for representing true leadership in the contact center marketplace.

Omni-Channel Usage Gaining in Call Centers: Report
Contact center systems suppliers in EMEA will need to expand more heavily into adjacent customer support areas such as omni-channel support, big data, and mobility, a new study says.

'Personal Connection' Dialer Option Helps inContact Make New Sale
For outbound communications, inContact's new customer selected the award-winning Personal Connection dialer, which increases productivity by seamlessly connecting agents with clients

Call Center Update Shows People Want to Speak with People
Researchers polled some 576 people to help determine how contact centers operate within today's business world. The findings were eye-opening.

Fall 2015 Version of Cloud Contact Center Update is Here
InContact has established the core technology components of a complete cloud customer interaction platform and is redefining the comprehensive cloud solution for the contact center marketplace.

Contact Center Study Highlights Points to Consider
Contact center leaders recognize that their centers play an integral role throughout the customer's journey, but less than a quarter of contact center leaders believe that their organization provides a consistent customer experience.

Leading Cloud Contact Center Provider Wins Again
A new inContact customer will implement a full spectrum of solutions, customized for a complicated system of more than 140 integrated satellite offices connected to a primary contact center.

Leading Call Center Provider Aiming Higher
InContact reportedly has big things planned for the year ahead.

McKenna v. WhisperText, Citing TCPA, Ends in Dismissal
The U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif. has struck down a lawsuit with prejudice and issued a ruling in favor of the defendant, WhisperText in an alleged TCPA violation case.

Once They Answer, Stay in Compliance
There are some important questions all call center managers should ask themselves in order to stay in 'legal compliance'.

'Hello' Now Taking on Different Forms
Call center agents are learning how to deliver quality interactions first, then 'up' the quantity by handling more concurrent contacts.

Solveforce, InContact Pushing the Needle Higher
Agent version 3.0 is built on the Salesforce OpenCTI toolkit and is a native Salesforce application, designed to make deployment simple and effortless.

Real-Time Reporting Engine for Contact Centers Debuts
In most cases, contact center information can span various departments and staff members. While there is a great deal of information available, if it is not accessible when needed, it is pretty much useless.

A Breakdown of New TCPA Regulations
The TCPA was enacted in 1991 but has received a lot of attention lately because of recent Federal Communications Commission actions that heighten its powers.

IVR, ACD Offerings Make a Difference for BPOs
InContact's Automatic Call Distributor and Interactive Voice Response system supports inbound, outbound and blended voice as well as email, chat, SMS, social media and CRM work items.

Dialers Cited as a Possible Aid to Phone Scammers: FTC
The days of live outbound phone calls interrupting Americans at dinner seem almost quaint compared to the scourge of unwanted robocalls on land lines and cell phones.

US District Court Spares Gentlemen's Club a TCPA Fine for Calling
In the world of the TCPA, the legislation that governs telemarketing in the United States, there has been a great deal of confusion over what qualifies as an automated outbound call, or an autodialed call.

But We're Not Telemarketers: Why 'Non-Sellers' Are Still At Risk for TCPA Violations
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, is a decades-old piece of legislation that governs outbound telemarketing and other communications, such as automated outbound calls. It pays to pay attention to it.

Dialing Software Still Holds a Prominent Place
A recent online post suggested that there are still opportunities to be realized through outbound dialing efforts.

ActiveDEMAND Announces Pipedrive Integration
Integrated marketing automation platform provider ActiveDEMAND has announced that it has integrated its system with Pipedrive's CRM system.

InContact in Focus with New Chief Strategy Officer
It's been said that you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. And for inContact, the leading provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, they've been someplace interesting: the forefront of the contact center industry.

ActiveDEMAND, Pipedrive Integrate to Connect Sales, Marketing Programs
Many organizations are implementing or improving lead generation programs, but a major challenge to their efforts is the longstanding gap between marketing and sales departments.

Forces Join To Help Sales Teams Call More Effectively
As companies across the globe continue to compete for the same markets, they are looking to make their sales teams stronger.

Crackdown Seen on Automatic Dialers
Now that the FCC has clarified its position on the use of automatic dialers, courts are taking a closer look at possible abuses.

Canadians Want Help to End 'Blind' Calls
Telemarketing legislation, like IT security, is something that can never sleep. Now Canada is taking a closer look.

Automatic Dialers Now Need to be More Cautious
The Federal Communication Commission's new Declaratory Ruling and Order regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), sent ripples through the telemarketing industry, and with good reason.

InContact Sets Agenda for this Fall's ICUC
Technical training and skills building at ICUC are designed to enhance attendees' knowledge of the inContact platform and solutions.

New Horizons Seen for all Contact Centers
Holding a singular leader responsible for contact center performance signifies its importance to the organization.

FCC Revisits TCPA Ruling Again; Companies say Ambiguity Rules
The TCPA has strict regulations on the types of calls made by 'autodialers', so knowing what constitutes an autodialer would be helpful if a business wants to avoid lawsuits, fines, and other sanctions.

Are Your Call Center Staffers Up to Speed?
Be real, be smart, be prepared and be mindful in the contact center. These steps are easily implemented, and the payoff can be huge.

Savvy Call Centers are 'Upping Their Game'
It's not uncommon for customers to use multiple channels to resolve a single issue, especially in the case where they require immediate action on a pressing issue.

Private Contact Centers Doing Better Than Government Counterparts
Knowing what matters most to citizens will help contact centers meet their goal of providing excellent customer service.

Customers want To Do More Than Just 'Call'
Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other myriad choices available, it seems as if everyone uses something 'socially' to interact with call centers these days.

Workers More Content When They Have a Say in Scheduling
A workforce management solution utilizing a spreadsheet can help determine what shifts, hours, etc. will need coverage based off of forecasting.

Making the Connection: Global BPO Client Uses Cloud for Expansion
The seamless integration with the core platform and accelerated speed to implement workforce management helped one client rise to new heights.

InContact, SmartAction Taking Intelligence to a New Level
SmartAction offers a solution called Intelligent Voice Automation, which leverages an AI brain that can reason and learn from experience

Make the Right Call: Compensate Your People Properly
Because of the large percentage of company employees in the call center, call center labor costs are a high proportion of the overall company budget.

Dialing for Disaster? Survey Finds Majority of Callers are Peeved
A new survey shows that the key to creating a positive customer experience is connecting callers and agents who are most likely to enjoy a natural rapport.

Callers Deserve Top Treatment Every Time
Top agents can be invaluable for many processes, such as training and mentoring newer agents, collaborating with less experienced agents and providing managers with input on day-to-day issues.

Dialer Option Helps Win New Contract
inContact is helping a major city transition over to a cloud contact center model.

More Than Tech: Dialer Software Needs a Clear Voice, Too
Your contact center's recorded voice should accurately represent your brand and encourage your caller to complete a goal.

Call Centers Get Their Time to Shine
Cloud call center leader inContact has announced that nominations are now open for the company's annual 'MoJo Awards.'

Dialer Options, Other Offerings Nudge Client Toward New Provider
A new enterprise customer says it will implement inContact's proven, multi-tenant cloud solution with Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options in its contact center.

Callers Want Fast Solutions. Too Much To Ask?
As you add documents and change them - something which happens in most contact centers daily - agents must try to memorize more and more locations.

Colleges 'Dialing for Dollars' Get Creative
Higher education seems to have gotten wise to the benefits of using the latest technology to make their call center efforts more productive.

Outbound Campaign Management Helped by New Software Offering
As inContact customers interact with companies they expect multichannel, personalized experiences that are connected throughout the journey.

Once Dialed, Then What? Speech Analysis Growing in Use
With speech analytics, contact centers can identify problem areas and training opportunities before an escalated or litigation scenario arises.

Coming Up: Each Call Sliced and Diced for Data
According to a recent survey, 70 percent of U.K. customers speak to an average of two to five customer service representatives before resolving a single issue. That's about to change.

Callers Need to Feel They're 'Being Heard'
It doesn't matter how good your product is; if callers feel neglected, you're going to lose them as customers.

'Guide to Contact Center Reporting' Offers Insights
A set of new statistics underscore the point that having better reporting tools on hand in the contact center should be a priority, and upgrades in that direction are a smart idea.

inContact's Tools Prove a Winner for Client
InContact's automatic call recording is a tremendous tool that has helped Workfront dramatically increase the quality of leads generated.

Industry Leaders Join up for Better Solution
Two powerhouses in the contact center industry have debuted a new joint venture to further cement their place in the business while helping call centers improve operations.

inContact's New Offerings Appeal to Healthcare Call Center
A health services company is set to implement inContact's core contact center platform featuring an integrated Interactive Voice Response and Automatic Call Distributor system.

Once a Client Picks Up, Then What?
Dialing can only go so far. A properly prepared employee is your best investment.

Better Dialing Options Lead Health Company to inContact's Cloud
The complete inContact solution includes cloud ACD and IVR, CRM integration, Uptivity Quality Monitoring and network connectivity.

More Choices Make Cloud Connection a Viable Option
A leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with a number of retail clients has decided the time is right to move its business to the cloud.

Data Gathered in Call Centers has Real Value
Quality reporting is a constant struggle and beneficial, reliable reporting that contact centers can use to drive business decisions is rare, but worth it.

Contact Center Callers are a Fickle Bunch: Finding
Cloud call center leader inContact has released the results of its new research detailing what customers experience when interact with a contact center, and the findings are quite revealing.

Call Center Dialing? That's so 2014
If customers can't get an instant connection with you or your company, they have no compunction about jumping ship.

Manage Your People, Manage Your Success
It can be generally agreed upon that raising the quality of a call center business and its dealings with clients can benefit everyone.

Hello? Callers Expect Top Service, or They're Gone
Survey says consumers expect a personalized, omni-channel customer journey that includes agent service continuity and choice of channels for follow-up communications.

Vacation-Planning Calls Just got Easier
inContact says a leading travel and hospitality provider has selected its cloud platform to unify customer service operations across more than five contact centers.

Trade Group for Call Centers Announces Member Renewals
Cloud contact center software leader inContact has just renewed its commitment to an important trade organization, as a continuing sign of its commitment to the industry and a willingness to help others.

Marketing Firm Sees Bright Spots in inContact's Offering
A cloud solution is expected to help one company achieve new heights through its call center.

'Dialing' No Longer the Only Option for Call Centers
As technology has raced forward, so have the choices that call center customers now expect as a matter of course.

Dial or Digital? Latter Option is Gaining Traction
A new survey shows nearly 60 percent of call center organizations implementing customer experience initiatives on a cross-departmental basis, making it a massive priority.

Call Centers Face Big Changes in the Near Future
Changes in technology are bringing about a massive shift in the way that consumers reach out to contact centers.

Call Center Satisfaction Up, but There's Room for Improvement
The Contact Center Satisfaction Index has gone up this year, but no one can rest easy just yet.

Who's Answering? It's More Important Than You Think
Collected data can be used to help recruit some of the best hires you've ever had.

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Dialer Software - NEW TALK

As a leading pre-paid landline telephone service provider, New Talk provides a vital service to customers with less than perfect credit or those who prefer not to divulge their personal identification data just to get a phone.


Dialer Software inContact Dialer

inContact Dialer
The inContact Dialer combines state-of-the art inbound contact handling with full-featured campaign-based outbound dialing to maximize agent productivity.

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inContact Platform 2.0
Our award-winning call center software platform improves agent performance, reduces operational expenditure and increases profitability.


Dialer Software - Improving Collections: Efforts with Innovative Cloud Contact Center Technology

Improving Collections: Efforts with Innovative Cloud Contact Center Technology
Technology has helped improve outbound calling's collections efforts over the years, but at the same time a great deal of complexity has impacted the collections process.

Dialer Software - Outbound Calling: Superior Productivity & Customer Experience Unite Creating

Outbound Calling: Superior Productivity & Customer Experience Unite Creating
Today there's an unstoppable trend in motion. It's a shift of power from companies to customers. And it's accelerating. Technology may be the greatest enabler of this shift. Like Moore's Law, the shift is exponential.

Dialer Software Being Proactive and Generating Results

Being Proactive and Generating Results
Customers share a great deal about themselves through their interactions with companies. Whether they show interest in a product on a company's website or ask for help with a problem they may be encountering during checkout, such cross-channel interactions provide a goldmine of data.

Dialer Software Don't Let Outdated Telephony
Hardware Slow You Down

Don't Let Outdated Telephony Hardware Slow You Down
While contact center leaders are proficient in managing the complexities of agent-based centers in order to provide excellent customer support, the world of telecommunications, telephony hardware, and long distance service providers can be foreign, confusing and distracting.


The Next Revolution: Cloud Computing

The Next Revolution: Cloud Computing
It's never been a better time to have your head in the clouds-cloud-based software, that is. Call centers throughout the nation are increasingly turning to cloudbased call center solutions.