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Call Center Dialing? That's so 2014
If customers can't get an instant connection with you or your company, they have no compunction about jumping ship.

Manage Your People, Manage Your Success
It can be generally agreed upon that raising the quality of a call center business and its dealings with clients can benefit everyone.

Hello? Callers Expect Top Service, or They're Gone
Survey says consumers expect a personalized, omni-channel customer journey that includes agent service continuity and choice of channels for follow-up communications.

Vacation-Planning Calls Just got Easier
inContact says a leading travel and hospitality provider has selected its cloud platform to unify customer service operations across more than five contact centers.

Trade Group for Call Centers Announces Member Renewals
Cloud contact center software leader inContact has just renewed its commitment to an important trade organization, as a continuing sign of its commitment to the industry and a willingness to help others.

Marketing Firm Sees Bright Spots in inContact's Offering
A cloud solution is expected to help one company achieve new heights through its call center.

'Dialing' No Longer the Only Option for Call Centers
As technology has raced forward, so have the choices that call center customers now expect as a matter of course.

Dial or Digital? Latter Option is Gaining Traction
A new survey shows nearly 60 percent of call center organizations implementing customer experience initiatives on a cross-departmental basis, making it a massive priority.

Call Centers Face Big Changes in the Near Future
Changes in technology are bringing about a massive shift in the way that consumers reach out to contact centers.

Call Center Satisfaction Up, but There's Room for Improvement
The Contact Center Satisfaction Index has gone up this year, but no one can rest easy just yet.

Who's Answering? It's More Important Than You Think
Collected data can be used to help recruit some of the best hires you've ever had.

Dialing for Dollars? inContact Comes Out on Top Again
inContact recently signed a new contract with a contact center in a well-known travel company and has begun a partnership with Black Box Network Services, which all helped it achieve a record year.

Dialer Ability One Reason of Many for New inContact Contract
Advanced features, quality and reliability of service were primary considerations for one company when it settled on inContact for its call center needs.

New Partnership Heightens inContact's Profile
inContact and Black Box Network Services have announced that they will being working together to better meet enterprise demand for call center systems.

Dialers, IVR Work in Tandem for Easier Payment Options
By reducing cost and improving the customer's experience, companies are likely to retain their customers and can extend their business hours to a longer operation.

Is Your Staff Ready When They Answer the Phone?
With 60 to 70 percent of contact center costs associated with labor, companies consistently struggle with having or supporting an effective Workforce Management strategy.

Dial 'G' for Growing
A staffing company was in need of a flexible platform for an expanding division, and so chose inContact's cloud solution for its new 350-agent contact center.

inContact's IVR Capability Helps Land New Contract
Direct Interactions will initially implement inContact's core cloud solution, built on the multi-channel Automatic Call Distributor and Interactive Voice Response systems.

Call Center Business Under Fire in the Philippines
A recent report noted that some 94 percent of the Philippines call center industry is with American companies, who outsource their business to the island nation. That may soon change.

Need help? Call Center Leaders at the Ready
CCNG has just announced upcoming March and April Customer Experience and Engagement regional events sponsored by CCNG members.

Busy Signal: Central America Eyed for Call Centers
Research shows the region is ripe and ready to start answering the call. Which major company will make the first move?

Dialing for People: Philippine Call Centers Expanding
The Call Center Association of the Philippines [CCAP], which groups more than 100 call center companies, said revenues were expected to grow 15.4 percent in 2015 to $13.5 billion from about $11.7 billion in 2014.

When You Finally Get Through, Ditch the Script
Surveys show that customers can always tell when the operator is reading off a script, and they rightfully resent it.

When Your Dialer is Answered, What's Next?
One of the easiest ways to help align your behavioral scoring is to create clear definitions of each behavior and definitive definitions of each scoring element.

Contact Center Workers Know How to 'Make the Connection'
In spite of what some might believe, there are a number of positive aspects to working in a call center. One is the skills you take when you leave.

Call Centers Taking Deeper Look at What They Measure
The big trend this year in call centers is going be 'performance metrics', where the powers that be will start taking an even closer look at what they're getting for their money.

inContact Plans Upward Move in 2015
Call center leader inContact celebrates growth with announcement of coming 350,000 square foot campus in Utah.

Be Proactive; Hire Virtual Operators to Relieve Call Center Stress
A new study shows that more than 40 percent of retailers have hired extra help for the holiday season. While all of this seasonal business is increasing sales for retailers, it is also increasing stress in call centers.

Dialing for Healthcare Help? The Agent Might Not Know it All
A new survey shows that those answering phones at healthcare contact centers need more education to better answer callers' questions.

There's More to a Call Center Than Just 'Calls'
Social media has firmly cemented its place in society. Now call centers need to get on board as well, so that those using it have another way to reach out for help.

Call Center Software Helps: Happier Workers Helps More
A new published report backs up the idea that remote call center agents can be a strong asset to any company if given the chance.

When is a Dialer Not a Dialer?
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits making any autodialed call or text message to cell phones without the called party's prior express consent.

ACD, IVR Offerings with inContact a New Customer
The leading provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, inContact, is continuing with its impressive year of new clients and expansions.

Dialing for Dollars: inContact Helps Health Biz Thrive
inContact's many call center offerings are being used to help Colorado-based MINDBODY expand its business and keep customers coming back for more.

Dialing Depression? Contact Center Workers Need a Boost
An online story recently addressed the demands that are placed on call center workers and how those demands can have very real physical and emotional tolls on those workers.

APAC Call Centers Easing Off Technology for a Better 'Customer Experience'
A new report says the contact center industry has shown some reluctance to invest in application technology, and is putting more effort into improving customer experience.

Government Call Center Easily Manages ACA Inquiries
The Department of Health and Human Services said that more than one million people had visited healthcare.gov as of November 17 and its call center handled more than 200,000 calls over the weekend.

Positive Customer Experience Starts with 'Hello'
According to a new report, 25% of online revenue is lost because of a bad customer experience. You can attract all the traffic you want, but it does little good if customers leave you and go to a competitor.

Dialing for Dollars? inContact Posts Strong Numbers for Q3
inContact just came out with its earnings report, and numbers were good thanks in part to the company's many solid offerings in the contact center space.

Ups and Downs: Layoffs, then Hiring for one Telecom Company
Two hundred new jobs are expected at a newly minted call center.

Court Rules on Autodialer Under TCPA Rules
Companies that use a third-party Web-based platform to text customers or potential customers are not in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA.

Build Workers' Trust, and the Rest Will Follow
In the tech industry, buzzwords and "buzz-phrases" come and go almost daily. But one that's starting to show some strong staying power is the term "employee engagement."

Dialing Up Success: inContact Names Award Winners
inContact recently recognized a number of outstanding clients with its "Mojo Awards" at ICUC, the inContact User Conference, held this year in Orlando, Fla.

As Technology Changes, So Must the Contact Center
Millennials are more likely to consult their social networks online for a purchase than an industry expert. When they need support, they prefer to go online to find a solution before speaking to a CSR.

Dialer Software Part of New Package for Financial Call Center
inContact, a provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, has announced that its core cloud platform has been selected by a leading financial institution.

Dialing Up the Best Call Center Partner Makes Strong Business Sense
Call centers have become an integral part of every business as they have a dedicated team to handle customer requests and complaints.

Where are Indian Call Centers Going? The Philippines
A new study says India has seen a recent exodus of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) from its shores, and most of these businesses have made the Philippines their new home.

New Customer To Benefit from inContact Cloud Center
A global player in safety products and services announced it has selected inContact's award-winning cloud contact center platform for its own purposes.

Contact Centers: Getting Better All the Time
When it comes to contact center customer service, a new report says about 60 percent of consumers reported they've seen an improvement in the service since 2013.

Be Proactive in Building Valuable Customer Loyalty
Each time a contact center interacts with a customer, the primary goal (of course) is to answer the customer's question or resolve a problem. While this should be goal number one, there is another, more subtle goal: build customer loyalty and ensure that individual keeps coming back. While some companies are competent at the first task, the second goal is much more challenging. "Keeping customers happy" doesn't have a simple recipe or checklist to follow.

Tips for Selecting an Outbound Contact Center Services Provider
While outsourced outbound contact center services are a good option for many companies who wish to put their outbound campaigns in the hands of professionals, it's critical to examine the details. There are vast chasms of quality between different outsourced services providers. Before you look, know what you want.

Cloud Aids Call Center Dialing
The cloud is an attractive place for the contact center market, as it allows companies to expand their horizons without investing the necessary dollars to support a brick-and-mortar build-out.

Feedback Boosted by inContact Solution
inContact, a provider of cloud contact center software, has announced that a major utility has chosen its ECHO customer survey solution.

inContact Demonstrates Cloud-Based Expertise
inContact, provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, announced it has moved the on-premises operations of a provider of residential and commercial services to the cloud.

Call Center Fraud a Rising Concern
A new report, "Preventing fraud in the call center: Use voice biometrics, phone printing," addresses the issue of call center fraud and the steps operators can take to mitigate this threat.

Fraud Worries? Contact Center Data Can Help
In the cat-and-mouse game that is fraud prevention, the contact center is an underutilized resource for those looking to prevent fraudulent banking activity.

Contact Center Hiring is on the Upswing
The U.S. call center industry, after taking years of hits when the recession first began in 2008, seems to be looking brighter as of late. Many companies that were laying people off are now taking on call center agents in large numbers.

Proper Call Center Headsets Go a Long Way Toward Success
The best headset is the one that lets call center reps answer calls. But there's more that goes into the right choice of a call center rep's headgear.

IVR Can Help Capture True Customer 'Voice'
It's not uncommon for a company to employ IVR technology to streamline common interactions or to launch a survey. If a consumer can easily answer a few questions before they end a call, you may be more likely to capture the actual voice.

Calling All Employers: 'Engage' Your Workers
The 'employee engagement funnel' may sound like some sort of human resources torture device, but in reality it's the metaphorical process that companies must urge employees through to attain high employee engagement.

Organization Dials Up inContact's Cloud
A consumer protection service company has tapped inContact's cloud contact center software to meet its needs as it expands.

Finding: Engaged Employees Pay Big Dividends
Many companies are striving to build their reputations online and in social media through customer advocacy programs that induce happy customers to act as unpaid "brand ambassadors in social media settings."

Financial Firm Dials up inContact Help
A financial services provider has replaced its old premise system by deploying the inContact cloud solution. The company will now leverage the offering to connect two contact center locations with a 100 percent cloud platform.

Performance Automation Helps Call Center Managers
It's no surprise the call center is viewed as a cost center, stressing even the most experienced of leaders. But call center services that capture operational data can quickly link that to agent performance and demonstrate their value.

Contact Center Growth Continues WAY South
A new report has found the contact center market in Latin America earned a healthy revenue of $260.4 million in 2013.

Connected Call Center Workers Add to Bottom Line
Research tells us that most American employees are disengaged from their jobs, and this is a big problem. Engaged employees are far more productive and innovative, and are needed to grow a company successfully.

Cloud Platform Serves inContact Clients Well
inContact, a provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, recently announced that its cloud software platform had been selected by a leading e-commerce firm.

ACA Queries Still Hitting Contact Centers
While the deadline for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) open enrollment period is long past, call centers, especially those in California, are still working the phone lines to help people who are waiting for their applications to be processed.

The Contact Center in 2024
At the heart of the call center, the phone is still the primary source of contact between customers and agents.

Millennials can Bring a New View to the Call Center
According to a recent blog post, millennials have some decent skills to bring to the table, and would be well-suited for the contact center.

Help is on the way for Underperformers
Contact center turnover is often very high, so many companies are hesitant to simply show low performers the door before trying to salvage that person's employment at the company.

New Technology Trends Boosting Call Center Effectiveness
One of the leading providers of contact center services around the world conducted a study on call center technology and which trends are most popular within the industry.

inContact Raises Quality of Healthcare Provider
Cloud call center provider inContact has announced that a new healthcare customer is moving contact center operations to the cloud from an older premise-based system.

Social Media Key to Boosting Call Center Services
With the introduction of social media, the game has changed in call center services. It's no longer enough to offer your customers the opportunity to call in with a problem or concern.

Findings Say Employees Prefer a Flexible Schedule
The typical 9-5 workday is seeing a transformation, thanks to technology and flexible shifts, and now lawmakers on both sides of the pond are taking it into consideration to favor more employee-friendly practices.

Help Your Agents Hear Customers More Clearly
The headset is the primary point of contact between the agent and customer. If it fails to perform according to a higher standard, the call will not go well.

Insurers Seek Call Center Efficiency
Recent changes in laws regarding health insurance have made insurance companies more cognizant of the changing demands on their customer contact centers.

Unlike Auto-Dialers, People Need Attention
There's a lot of talk about engaging customers these days, but engaging employees also tends to be a key component of business success.

Social Media Crosses all Channels
In these days of multichannel marketing, omnichannel customer support and social media engagement, any isolation in the customer support process simply isn't cutting it.

Offshoring Can Work, but it TAKES Work
Offshore call center outsourcing doesn't always fail to impress customers simply because the agents have accents or the idea violates their sense of patriotism. Too often, the venture fails simply because it's poorly managed.

Personal Call Center Connections Rise with inContact
inContact, Inc., a provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, has announced that its Personal Connection Outbound Solution has been selected by a leader in professional education and training.

Webinar Will Aid Call Center Efforts
An ultimate goal today is to eliminate the common disconnection between workforce optimization and contact center infrastructure systems, a problem that plagues many, if not most, contact centers.

Hearing Well Means Working Well
Many think noise-induced hearing loss is only a concern for those in nosy industries but this condition can also affect people that work in a call center. Many agents, in fact, have suffered work-related hearing loss.

Brazil Call Centers Look Ahead to Better Times
Frost & Sullivan believes that Brazil's call center outsourcing market will bounce back after the initial hiccups of the past year.

Need to Streamline? Cut Paper Use in the Call Center
The U.K.'s Call Centre Helper took a look at an elusive notion and offered up some advice on how to make the dream of a paperless call center a reality.

Call Center Work Doesn't End When Customers Answer
The chances of selling to an existing customer are between 60 and 70 percent at any one time. Selling to a new customer happens between five and 20 percent of the time.

When Dialing's Done, the Real Work Begins
Call center focus these days is on the integrated multi-channel customer service experience -- engaging customers in automated conversations across multiple interaction channels, an efficient customer-service experience.

Dialing Satisfaction Keeps Customers Happy, Business Succesful
Since customers are at the heart of every successful business, maintaining and growing a customer base is vital, as is managing the interaction with it.

Dialing Becomes Easier Once More Channels are Added
Many contact centers today claim to be "multichannel," but as with any complex business definition, the term means different things to different companies.

Despite the Best Software, the Human Touch is Equally as Important
While conventional wisdom tells us that contact centers today need to be delighting customers at every turn, the reality is that most contact centers struggle to keep their heads above water.

inContact Rolls out Call Center Enhancements
inContact, the leading provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, recently debuted the first of its major platform enhancements for 2014.

Outbound Dialing is Easier with the Cloud
In a recent blog post, Marina Antestenis, Senior Director of Demand Marketing for inContact, took a closer look at the cloud and how using it can benefit contact centers.

Webinar: Efficiency Can Rise, If You Know How
As contact centers take on greater prominence in the business world, the number of challenges with running and managing such centers seems to rise exponentially. But it doesn't have to be a troubling way to do business.

Reaching Your Customer is Only Half the Battle
A new report indicates that call center satisfaction dropped by about 10 percent in 2013. That should make anyone who is running a call center take a second look at the way their center is being operated.

Reaching Out Sometimes Means More Than Dialing
If there's such a thing as a frontier in customer service, it's customer service by social media. Social customer service is still open to pioneers that are willing to put a lot of effort into carving a niche.

Outbound Dialing Easier with inContact Updates
inContact, a provider of cloud contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools, announced that it has made enhancements to its all-in-one cloud suite.

inContact Notches Another Win
The need to have innovative technology and a commitment to outstanding service is necessary in today's contact centers. Hence, one of the world's largest organizations of business professionals has selected inContact for that need.

Making a Better Connection with CRM
Modern call centers invest heavily in computer-telephone integration technology and applications that help agents have control on a variety of phone functions and deliver highly efficient, call center-based CRM solutions.

Calling, Sure: But Customers Prefer Web Chat, Study Shows
A new study by HeyWire Business that said more than 52 percent of respondents said they would be likely to text with a customer service agent.

inContact Strengthens Business Ties with CCNG Alliance
The CCNG (Call Center Network Group), a contact center professional peer network, recently announced the return of its partner inContact, an organization that develops software solutions for call centers.

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If you're looking for proof that not all on-demand call center technology is created equal, consider the experience of outsourced customer support service Frontline Call Center.

Dialer Software - NEW TALK

As a leading pre-paid landline telephone service provider, New Talk provides a vital service to customers with less than perfect credit or those who prefer not to divulge their personal identification data just to get a phone.


Dialer Software inContact Dialer

inContact Dialer
The inContact Dialer combines state-of-the art inbound contact handling with full-featured campaign-based outbound dialing to maximize agent productivity.

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inContact Platform 2.0
Our award-winning call center software platform improves agent performance, reduces operational expenditure and increases profitability.


Dialer Software - Improving Collections: Efforts with Innovative Cloud Contact Center Technology

Improving Collections: Efforts with Innovative Cloud Contact Center Technology
Technology has helped improve outbound calling's collections efforts over the years, but at the same time a great deal of complexity has impacted the collections process.

Dialer Software - Outbound Calling: Superior Productivity & Customer Experience Unite Creating

Outbound Calling: Superior Productivity & Customer Experience Unite Creating
Today there's an unstoppable trend in motion. It's a shift of power from companies to customers. And it's accelerating. Technology may be the greatest enabler of this shift. Like Moore's Law, the shift is exponential.

Dialer Software Being Proactive and Generating Results

Being Proactive and Generating Results
Customers share a great deal about themselves through their interactions with companies. Whether they show interest in a product on a company's website or ask for help with a problem they may be encountering during checkout, such cross-channel interactions provide a goldmine of data.

Dialer Software Don't Let Outdated Telephony
Hardware Slow You Down

Don't Let Outdated Telephony Hardware Slow You Down
While contact center leaders are proficient in managing the complexities of agent-based centers in order to provide excellent customer support, the world of telecommunications, telephony hardware, and long distance service providers can be foreign, confusing and distracting.


The Next Revolution: Cloud Computing

The Next Revolution: Cloud Computing
It's never been a better time to have your head in the clouds-cloud-based software, that is. Call centers throughout the nation are increasingly turning to cloudbased call center solutions.